Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | September 26, 2007


I have been thinking a lot about the idea of posture for the last few weeks. I am learning that I cannot control when God pours out or when He gives revelation. I cannot control when I “connect” to the Lord or when I feel His emotions. I cannot manipulate my experiences. I cannot muster up passion or fervor. I cannot control God, but I can posture myself so that when He does pour out, I will be ready. I can position myself before Him waiting (expectantly) and hoping (actively) for a revelation, for a prayer that is on His heart, or for a move of His hand. I can fast and therefore assume the posture of voluntary weakness, not to earn favor, but to develop a spiritual hunger and thirst within me. I can immerse myself in the Scriptures and pray the prayers that Jesus prayed- “that the love [God] has for me may be in them…” (John 17:24). Jesus prayed that we would be able to love Him to the extent that His own Father loves Him. Now that is amazing.

And then when God does bring revelation, it blows me away. I was starting to pray through the apostolic prayer that Paul prayed for the church in Ephesus and I barely got through the first few words when God started revealing truth to me. “I pray that out of his glorious riches….” That was all that it took. Just the words “glorious riches” captivated me and I started meditating on those two words. I started thinking about the riches of God, about how He can open up the floodgates of Heaven and how we would not even have room for it (Malachi 3). I started thinking about how every good gift is from Him, about the fullness of His love and power and knowledge, about how He can provide financially in miraculous ways… Just that first little clause had my mind reeling and my heart beating faster.

When God pours out His emotions, it is just as overwhelming. Russell was telling me about his time in the prayer room yesterday and about how he started to feel the emotions of God towards the nation of Israel. People were praying for Israel on the microphone from up front and as Russell started to read through Isaiah 30, he started to cry as He felt just a glimpse of the love and jealousy of God towards His people. Although he had read through the passage many times before, it wasn’t until yesterday that God allowed him to feel some of what He feels and the result was overwhelming.

We cannot make these things happen. But we can posture ourselves so that when they do happen, we will be able to linger there. We can ask God for the new wineskins so that when the new wine is poured out, the old wineskins will not burst (Matthew 9). Just today in class, a wave of frustration came over me as I thought to myself, “Why have I been a Christian for eight years and have barely heard Jesus talked about like this?” Allen Hood was teaching about Jesus’ relentless pursuit of us. He was painting a picture of who God really is, not who we think that He is. Apathy and spiritual boredom, which are far too prominent in the Church today, result from a lack of knowledge of who God really is. Anemic prayers result from a lack of knowledge of what God longs to and is able to do. At the same time, religious striving and legalism result from a lack of knowledge of the character and kindness of God. I am convinced of this. And yet I am guilty of them all!


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