Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | January 25, 2008

home sweet… kansas city?!

After spending a few weeks in Charlottesville, Russell and I packed the car to the max and jumped on the road. We drove 12 hours the first day, spent the night with our friends Zane and Beth in St. Louis, and then drove the following 4 hours on Wednesday. Yesterday morning, the temperature was in the single digits. We came home to an empty fridge, lots of laundry, and an apartment that was a bit chilly. Yet for some reason, when we opened the door and stepped in, it felt strangely like “home”. All to say, it is good to be back.

Russell and I have our interview this Saturday afternoon and then will look forward to New Staff Orientation that begins on February 12th. The highlight of the month, however, will be when my dad, Bob, and the woman he has been dating for about a year, Mary, will take a trek out to KC to visit. I am already counting down the days!!


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