Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | February 6, 2008

“won’t you let me love you more”

I received an email from one of my best friends yesterday inviting me to the challenge of praying one simple prayer for the next six months. The prayer is this: “Lord, I pray that I would love you more than I want to breathe my next breath.” I am taking her up on this challenge for one reason. I want my life to be marked by love. It is the greatest commandment and it is one that I want to take seriously. I’m not very good at it and I know this. It is hard for me to love an intangible and invisible God. And yet something in my spirit comes alive from time to time as I encounter the Lord and love starts to stir in my heart in a way that I can barely describe. It is a mystery, really!

The song playing in the prayer room right now echoes what is on my heart this afternoon… So I will end with this.

Oh won’t you let me love you more?
This is all that I desire.
Won’t you let me love you more?
This is all that I require.
Won’t you let me love you more?
This is my deepest heart’s desire.
Won’t you let me love you more, and more…
You could give to me the gift of walking on water
And maybe, maybe I will raise the dead
But I have one life to live and all I have to give to you is love.
If I never walk on water,
If I never see the miracles,
If I never hear your voice outloud
Just knowing that you love me is enough to keep me here.
Just hearing those words is enough to satisify, you satisfy,
I couldn’t leave even if I tried.. I must have you!


  1. hey eliza, i was wondering if you knew the singer or artist who wrote the song “won’t you let me love you more”.

    – david

  2. David,
    A worship leader here at IHOP by the name of Misty Edwards wrote the song. She has a new CD out entitled Relentless that has the song on there.

    -Eliza Joy

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