Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | March 20, 2008

a little trip to virginia

I had the opportunity to return to Virginia for a few days last week.  There was a Marketplace Christianity conference that was being co-sponsored by IHOP’s Joseph Company, the Richmond House of Prayer, and Chauncey Hutter’s Business of Prayer.  The conference was held in Richmond over the weekend and culminated with a Sunday night service in downtown Shockoe Bottom, in the new Richmond House of Prayer.  *side note, if you live even remotely close to richmond, you have to check this place out.

The night consisted primarily of teaching and worship.  The group of around 75 that gathered was remarkably diverse both in ethnicity and in denomination, not to mention in age.  What had the potential of being somewhat uncomfortable resulted in an absolutely beautiful display of unity and comraderie.  It is hard to put words to.  The Olivet Baptist Church “praise team” took over the make-shift stage area in the front of the crowded little room and what ensued was full-blown worship.  Young and old, white and black, were dancing (upon injustice) throughout the room and singing at the top of the lungs.  If you took a step back to observe what was happening, it was almost comical.  But in the midst of it, you were just caught up in the glory of what was taking place.  Across the street from where we were, slaves during the early nineteenth century were auctioned and sold in what was one of the largest slave markets in our nation.  With that freshly in the minds of each person in the room, we danced all the more.  I spent the last ten minutes of the night arm in arm with an 80-year old African American woman named Margaret, who had attended Olivet Baptist for as long as she could remember, she informed me.  “It was a pleasure to come by you this evening”, she whispered so genuinely to me as she walked away. I assured her that the pleasure was all mine. 


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