Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | March 31, 2008

when it rains, it pours

just some thoughts for the day:

1.  Now that we are in tornado country, I find myself constantly wondering if the sudden change in temperature and increase of wind indicates a coming tornado.  For example, as I walked into Wild Oats (KC’s alternative to Whole Foods) this afternoon, the sun was shining and the temperature was a warm 60ish degrees. A short fifteen minutes (and free green olive sample) later, the sky looked remarkably darker, the wind was blowing, and I was wishing that I had worn a jacket.  My first thought?  Run and take cover.  A tornado is surely upon us. 

2.  Russell’s latest most frequented comment is:  “If only somebody could be a fly on our wall to listen to you…”  Sometimes, he expands his horizons and says, “If only I could videotape you and make you watch yourself later”…  Now, I have never claimed to be the most normal person, but when my husband is convinced that I’m a nut-job, I am starting to become concerned.  So what if I don’t have the best taste buds and therefore create food concoctions that taste wonderful to me while Russell refuses to eat them?  And so what if I “always” claim to be on my half of the bed when in reality, after being forced to counti each of the vertical boards that make up the headboard, I find that I’m never, truly, only on my side.

3.  Today, I experienced a type-A overload.  I was with a certain friend, whom although I love dearly, just so happens to be the epitome of a type-A personality.  We were rushing to make it to the post office before it closed (and by rushing, I mean that I was holding on for dear life, praying for a divine interaction to keep us alive).  “Turn left!” I shouted abruptly.  “Whhhhat?  You didn’t tell me that I needed to turn left!” she responded.  Back and forth… my stress level rising… “I’m too calm, cool, and collected to be in situations like this” I thought to myself.  We fly into the parking lot.  I grab all five of my packages out of the backseat and am running to the door, trying to balance all of the boxes without tripping over my own feet.  In through one set of doors, we turned the corner to enter the actual mail room only to find a postal worker locking the door right before our very eyes.  I was too stressed out at this point to even care.  Dejected (and rejected), we walked back to the car, boxes in hand, as a few onlookers looked at us like we were “those people”.   



  1. wow, eej, i’ll pray for you. those type-A personalities are a bear to deal with. it’s amazing they even have friends …

  2. just one more thing: wanna go to the post office tomorrow?

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