Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | April 3, 2008


llamaWithin the past few years, I have started to see how God desires to (and is able to) speak to us in a plethora of ways.  Let’s just say that my little box has been shattered.  One of the many ways in which I have seen this is through the arena of dreams. 

*disclaimer:  I do not claim to undersllamatand much at all about the spiritual significance of dreams, not to mention the how’s, why’s, what’s, etc.  All I know is that which I have experienced in addition to the little that I have studied…

Every once in a while, I will enter a “season” in which I seem to have significant dreams constantly.  I have learned to pay attention when I wake up with a dream that I can remember vividly.  As soon as I step out of bed, I will walk to my computer and proceed to add to the everllama.jpgllama.jpg-growing Word Doc in which

I record all of my dreams.  Now, however, I seem to have entered a season where I am convinced that I am dreaming the entire night long (when in reality, my dreams probably only last a finger’s-count worth of minutes).  Unfortunately, when I wake up, I can never remember in detail what I dreamed about.  I will remember a person here, a place there, an event here, and a phrase there.  Everything just seems to blur together into one huge juxtaposition of a dream.

A few nights ago, a breakthrough occurred. 

In my dream, I was driving (errr.. riding on) a bright red moped down a back country road in my hometown of Charlottesville.  To my left, there was a giant field filled with llamas.  The llamas, however, had necks like giraffes and would gallop like horses.  As I was riding along, I noticed that one llama was galloping along, matching my pace, inside of the fence.  A smidgeon of fear started to arise as I somehow knew (in the dream) that this llama was bad news bears. 


All of a sudden, the llama leaped over the fence and fell in place only feet behind me.  At this point, I was terrifed.  I looked down and saw that I could shift to sixth gear (the highest gear on my moped) and so I quickly did so.  I kept looking over my shoulder only to find that the llama was seriously gaining on me.  Realizing that side-to-side agility limitations on the llama, I started to swerve, ever so gradually at first.  Then, at just the right moment, I slammed on my brakes and the llama went flying past me.  At this point, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. 

And that’s all that I remember.                                                                        


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