Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | April 5, 2008

let’s just call it “leader placement day”

For those of you fellow YL-ers out there, this is for you.

Throughout the last two months, I have had the privilege of sitting in on a handful of meetings regarding a new high school ministry that IHOP is about to launch.  Rather than attempting to do the “youth group thing”, we are gearing up to go out… to go to different high schools around the area… to be mission-minded… to incarnate the gospel… just as the Word became flesh and dwelt among us- so, we will seek to dwell among those in high schools. 

After a bit of “coaching” from an unnamed young life guru (not the hindu kind), a team of us met this afternoon to flesh out what ministry will look like.  After talking vision for a good hour (welcome to IHOP), we eventually decided that if we are ever going to start, it might as well be now.  That being said, we had our own little “leader placement” right there in the tiny little office of David Sliker.

No tee-shirts, random dollar store accesories, or school chants… rather, we looked at the list and said, “I’ll go here.  You go there.”  Three “areas” checked off.  Three “leaders” with their names listed next to an area.  Thus begins another chapter of high school ministry in my life.  

Redemptive?  I hope so.  Exciting?  You betcha.   


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