Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | April 21, 2008

God still speaks??

In the last post, I wrestled with the question of whether not God still heals.  Another attribute of God that I have begun to discover these past two to three years is His voice.  I would read stories in the Bible of God speaking to people– like Paul on his way to Emmaus, and basically all of the Old Testament prophets– but I just didn’t know what was offered to me for today. 

Psalm 139 describes Gods’ thoughts as outnumbering the sand in the world… meaning that He is constantly thinking about you and He is constantly thinking about me.  In addition to His thoughts, He loves to speak!  He did it all throughout the Bible because He wants us to be in relationship with Him. 

Jesus, right before His death, said to His diciples, “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.  However, when he, the Spirit of truth has come, he will guide you into all truth; he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will tell you things to come,” (John 16:14).  Jesus was referring to the Holy Spirit– indicating that he would be sent to and sealed inside of believers.  One of the many functions of the Holy Spirit, based on this verse, is to listen to what God is saying and speak it to us. 

I picture Jesus sitting at the right hand of God with the Holy Spirit listening to their conversations.  According to Jesus, the Holy Spirit then speaks to us that what He is hearing.  What would happen if we actually stopped to listen to what He is saying?  I’ll tell you what- I don’t do it nearly enough.  One opportunity that I have had to practice hearing God’s voice, through the Holy Spirit, (because it does, indeed, require practice), is through what the Bible calls prophecy. 

Don’t tune out, yet.  I know that modern day acts of prophecy have often given the term a negative connotation.  My experience, however, has been incredible.  Biblical prophecy is intended to encourage and exhort people (1 Cor. 14:3).  I first heard it described as this:  Since God’s thoughts are without number, I picture a river flowing from Him to me (or to someone else).  If I can step into that river and allow it to flow around me and through me, sometimes I can hear what He is saying and feel what He is feeling towards another person.  If I can share those thoughts out of love, in order to build another person up, while making known to the person who Jesus is, it is considered prophecy.  Prophecy, after all, is called the “testimony of Jesus” (Rev. 19:10). 

Here’s a simple example:  One afternoon, a few of us were praying for this couple whom we had never met.  I just began to ask the Lord what He was thinking, what He wanted me to say, etc.  Almost immediately, I had the strongest impression that He was saying, “I have you by the ocean for a reason.”  Being in the middle of Kansas City, I assumed that I was crazy and incorrect.  However, as the couple was leaving, I asked them where they lived.  The wife responded, “We are here from California”.  At that point, I decided to tell them what I had sensed from the Lord.  The couple was shocked.  The wife proceeded to tell me that after the Southern California wildfires had struck their home, they were relocated to an ocean front house, almost an hour away from their home.  My simple sentence, although I had doubted that it was from God, encouraged them that the Lord was so aware of their needs and was so present in their situation.  What a privilege it was for me to even be in the room!

So yes, I am convinced that God still speaks!  What an incredible experience when you hear Him speak to your own heart.  Likewise, what an incredible experience when you hear His thoughts towards someone else and you have the privilege of sharing those thoughts with them.   


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