Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | April 28, 2008

Just for Kicks…

1.  So a week or so ago, Russell went to grab a measuring cup out of the lower cabinet next to the sink.  Much to his dismay, instead of finding a measuring cup, he found a half gallon of milk. 

2.  Now we know where the half-empty carton of milk went that we were looking for THREE DAYS prior to the discovery.  However, neither of us remembers putting the milk in the cabinet.  Either someone was playing a gross prank on us or we are losing our minds and aging rather quickly.

3.  Speaking of aging rather quickly, after an intense game of 2-on-2 basketball yesterday afternoon, I can barely move today.  I mean, it hurts to even stand up.  My forehead is sore.  The soles of my feet hurt.  Everything hurts.  This is so tragic considering I’m supposed to be in my prime. 

4.  I just finished a book by the name of “Dance, Children, Dance”.  It is a story written by Jim Rayburn III about his father, Jim Rayburn, who started Young Life.  The story is incredible and I would highly recommend the book to everyone.  There is so much to learn from this man’s extraordinary life.

5.  A few weeks ago, I was praying through some irrational fears that I have been experiencing and asking the Lord to take them away.  That same week, I saw two, not one but two, police officers walking into adjacent apartments to ours.  Who knew that two out of the eight apartments in our building would be home to police officers??  God has a sense of humor.  That’s for sure.

6.  He also has some issues regarding lightning… and I’m feeling the need to discuss it with Him.  While some people are intrigued by thunderstorms, I am scared to death.  The other night, I was awakened in the middle of the night to what appeared to be a strobe light hanging outside of my window.  No joke.  Thunderstorms in Kansas City are intense.  There were a few dozen flashes of lightning per minute!  I eventually got a pair of ear plugs out of the drawer and put a pillow over my face… hoping to make it back to sleep.

7.  Highlight of the weekend:  Our good friends, Zane and Beth Hart, visited from St. Louis.  Zane and Beth might just win the award of our favorite recreational friends.  After games of basketball, horse, foot-bask-ball (cleverly invented by Zane), soccer tennis, fishbowl, and hausie… we weren’t even gamed out when they left.  Add that to great conversation, a lot of laughs, and awesome food and you end up with an incredible weekend.



  1. you’re so funny. i like reading your thoughts. sounds just like you.

  2. you and russell must be really tired! this sounds like something i might do!

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