Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | May 5, 2008

to own or not to own

Russell and I have a list of goals for our lives.  One of them is to be very wise with our money.  This plays itself out in number of different ways but something that has been on our hearts recently is the decision about buying a house. 

Fortunately, the cost of living in the area of Kansas City that we are in is drastically less than that which it would be in Charlottesville.  In addition, the consensus around real estate circles these days is that “now is the perfect time to buy”.  Although we love our apartment and all that comes with it, we are seriously considering buying a house after our lease runs out in September. 

Just yesterday, we drove past a house that was having an open house.  We walked all around, loved it, and drove home very excited about the possibility of being first-time home owners!!  Although my dad eagerly informed me that “there are houses for sale in Charlottesville, too, you know”, it appears to us that we will be here in KC for a few years in which case buying a house should be a good investment.  Sorry, Dad! 



  1. what are some other things on your goal list??

  2. well, that’s a great question, krista.

    here is just a glimpse of my list:
    1. succesfully get through a game of settlers without getting angry.
    2. see a broadway play in new york.
    3. have a kid, or two, or three….
    4. write a book.

    i’ll tell you more next time you ask. =)

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