Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | May 19, 2008

speaking of early mornings

Thus begins week two of my new schedule.  Even though I am only required to make the 6am sets on Tuesday and Wednesday, I have found that it will be crucial to alter my schedule gradually so that I’m not waking up at 5:30 twice a week, 7:30 twice more, and then 10am on the weekends (minor exaggeration, but you get the point). 

So, speaking of early mornings, I am reminded of some of my favorite memories regarding this “special” time of day…

1.  One of my favorite hikes in VA is a place by the name of Humpback Rock.  Only a short half hour drive from where I lived, it was a short hike with an unbelievable 360 degrees breath-taking view.  One morning during our senior year of high school, Vail (one of my best buds) and I decided to wake up super early, drive out to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and hike Humpback with flashlights in order to make it to the top by sunrise.  What a thrill.

2.  I guess that I’m just a sucker for sunrises– especially at the ocean.  I remember waking up early and trekking to the beach countless times throughout my life to sit on the sand and watch the sun appear over the water. 

3.  Does anybody remember when Passion had their OneDay 2003 event out in the rolling hills of Texas?  Well, two friends and I decided to make a road trip out of it by driving from Virginia all the way to Texas in my beloved red jeep, known to us as “Clifford”.  Two hours into the drive, Clifford started overheating… and by overheating, I mean that the little gage was in the red from Roanoke, Virginia to Dallas and back. We prayed a lot.  We sweated a lot (considering we had to drive with the windows down and the heat on full blast in the middle of the summer in the South).  And we drove most of our hours in the early morning to avoid the extreme heat.  Nonetheless, the trip was memorable for dozens of reasons.

4.  In high school, a group of 8-10 of us girls would wake up early once a week to get together and eat, talk, and pray before school.  We called it, “Discipleship Group”.  These mornings were a highlight for me each week as we rallied together, owned a vision, and then set out to make the most out of the day ahead.  A few of those girls have even remained best friends of mine over the years. 


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