Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | June 3, 2008


After a few months of trying, re-trying, and trying again to come up with a strategy for this new high school ministry, I came to a brilliant conclusion today. 

Instead of trying to figure out exactly what it will look like, I am simply going to walk through doors that the Lord has undoubtedly opened and walk away from the doors that He has closed. 

Brilliant, right?!  For example, I had first envisioned this ministry to look a lot like Young Life.  Initially, we were going to recruit leaders.  Next, we would train them, form teams, and send them into schools to start hanging out with kids and eventually help to establish prayer meetings on each campus.  Well, when our informational meeting for leaders came around and not a single soul showed up, I wondered if I was missing something. 

This morning, I, along with two others, had the privilege of sitting down to coffee with Tom Pruden, the Young Life regional director who oversees Missouri, Kansas City, and part of Nebraska.  It was a lot of fun to sit together and share stories along with having the opportunity to tell Tom more about IHOP and how we all had ended up here.  Tom was incredibly helpful and ended up giving us quite a few contacts in the southern KC area of whom I am going to try to get in touch with right away.

After our meeting, I realized that this was another door that God was opening.  If Young Life already has leaders at each school, then why do we need more leaders right now?  Why not partner with Young Life (and other ministries like it) and seek to serve alongside of them, support them, equip them, etc. instead of trying to do something similar yet separate?  For if YL succeeds, then we succeed.  Maybe this is why our informational meeting produced zero interest amongst potential leaders. 

All to say, I am slowly beginning to pay attention to the doors that are being opened and the ones that are being closed.



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