Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | June 23, 2008


Feeling the desire to write an update…  and feeling as if I have nothing on which to update. 

Either my life is boring or IHOP can be a bit monotonous at times.  Hopefully it’s the latter.  There is a lot to learn, however, during the season of mundanity.  For example, you may learn what the noun form of mundane is.  (because i just did)

More importantly, you have the opportunity to learn how to be faithful in the little stuff.  I am on the journey to learning this.  There is a lot that I am looking forward to in life…  but deep down, if I am truly honest with myself, what I want the most is to stand before God one day and have him say, “I am proud of you.” 

I heard someone say the other day, “It’s not forever that we get to see Him in part, love Him in weakness, and grow in capacity.”  Oh how this struck me.  This short 80 year (plus or minus a few) period of time is my one and only opportunity to please God by having faith.  It won’t be hard to love Him in the age to come.  It won’t be hard to believe Him.  But now… right now… while seeing Him in part and being painfully aware of my weakness and limited capacity, is my chance to please Him, even (maybe even especially) in the monotony. 


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