Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | June 25, 2008

stuck in a “mary” world

“She’s a Martha with a Mary’s heart.”  You hear it all the time to describe numerous women.  This phrase is referring to Lazarus’ two sisters whose simple interactions with Jesus have been scrutinized, disected, and then used in countless teachings.  While Martha’s busyness is frowned upon, Mary’s contemplation and adoration are praised.  Well, what about the women who have children (ie laundry, messes, cooking, cleaning, taxi driving, etc) to care for?  How can they just sit at the feet of Jesus all day long?  Hence the common desire to be a Martha with a Mary’s heart. 

Well, lately I have been feeling as if I have suddenly been thrust into a world of Mary’s while my heart is still very much like Martha’s.  You see, it is easier for me to DO something- to do anything– than just to sit at the feet of Jesus.  And yet, the very nature of my job is… well… to sit at the feet of Jesus! 

I have been feeling this all-too-familiar tension recently as I sit in the Prayer Room and wonder what the heck I am doing.  I am used to studying, teaching, relating, reaching out, and serving.  I am not, however, used to sitting still, being quiet, attempting to listen to the Lord, being quiet some more, attempting to listen some more, etc. 

It’s not enough simply to be at IHOP, as amazing as this environment is.  It’s not enough to just sit in the Prayer Room for numerous hours a week.  I WANT to encounter the living God…  I don’t want to be like the crowds who just gathered around Jesus to listen to His teachings or to watch Him do the miraculous.  I want to be like the woman who pushed through the crowd and in a completely undignified moment, reached out and touched the hem of His garment…  I want MY portion- not somebody else’s portion.  I don’t want to read the Scriptures without encountering the living God.  For even the Pharisees did that– without realizing that the Scriptures testified of Jesus!  I don’t want to sing the lyrics to songs without encountering the One who I am singing to. 

He is the same yesterday, today, and forever…  this Man, who in His equality with God, loved us enough to wrap Himself in the skin of humanity and hand over his own life to the very ones who cursed and mocked Him.  I want to encounter Him!



  1. Beautiful, Eliza Joy. Thank you for your encouragement today for this “Martha” who’s not really a “Martha.” I love that Martha gets it. A few chapters later, she’s the one running out to Jesus. She’s the one hoping for the resurrection. She’s the one rolling aways the stone. With you, I want the continual abiding Presence, to be among those who don’t shrink back.

    Much love,

  2. An old lady’s take on the Mary Martha passage–Jesus did not tell Martha she was wrong to do what she was doing. In fact He probably came to her house specifically because He knew where He would get fed. Jesus told Martha her need (desire) to try and make Mary like herself was wrong, that who Mary was, was good for Mary. I think your desire to encounter God is good. God is pleased with such a heart. Caution however on thinking it has to look a certain way. Lord, I pray you are present this day with this young woman. Warm her spirit Lord that she might know You are near. Bring to her the peace and joy that passes understanding–not that it look like everyone else but–with such force that her spirit knows Your sweet message unique to her.

  3. Dear Minnowspeaks,
    Thank you for sharing your insight. You are right on. This is an ongoing journey for me to discern how the Lord is leading me to live out my life… and not to merely follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before me. Thank you for your encouragement.

  4. Just checking in. Life must be busy for you these days…
    I don’t really know much about IHOP excempt that some pretty exciting people I know have gone there off and on and my eldest son is thinking about going. At the moment a couple I have had the priveledge to meet and pray for are at IHOP. I think she is finishing up a three year program in music. I don’t know if he’s doing anything with IHOP or trying to work so they have money to live on. Their names are Beth and Tanner Peake. They too are recently married so you may have a little bit in common. I don’t know how big IHOP is, how impossible or possible it is to make connections, or if you’re swamped with friends already but no harm in mentioning them…Blessings to you.

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