Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | July 10, 2008

you have to know who you are talking to.

I am convinced!  You really have to be confident about your identity in God in order to sustain your prayer life.  I am learning this the hard way!  This morning, I found myself trying to engage with the corporate prayer that was being led from the front of the prayer room, and yet my words felt so empty.  A woman was praying from Psalm 2– that the Lord would give the nations to Jesus, His Son, as his inheritance.  And all I could think was…  “Who am I to ask such a thing?  Who am I to make a request on behalf of Your own Son?!”

You see, I have known the Lord as my provider.  I have known Him as my shepherd, sometimes as my Father, more often as my closest friend, and definitely as my comforter and healer.  But, knowing Him as the King of the Earth and the God over all nations… well, that hasn’t come as naturally to me!  So, taking a step back from the corporate prayer, I began to whisper to the Lord, “I want to know you as you are!  I want to know you as the righteous judge, as the King who is returning to this Earth for a kingdom, as a King who raises up AND tears down nations.”

At times, I seem to prefer the politically correct Jesus who, if He were walking on Earth today, would surely serve on the PTO and be mistaken for Mother Theresa because of his humanitarian heart.  But, then I look at the gospels and I see the Jesus who made a whip of cords, drove the merchants out of the temple, overturned their tables, and scattered the money– all while yelling at them!!  Then, I see the Jesus who uttered things like, “You snakes!  You brood of vipers!” to the Pharisees.  I see a Jesus who men actually hated enough to seize, beat to a pulp, and crucify on a cross.  And yet, this is the Jesus who is coming back.  While the world was waiting for a King, Jesus came as a servant.  While they were looking for a conquering lion, Jesus came as a lamb, who was led silently to it’s slaughter, it says in Isaiah.  Now, however, the stage is set for Jesus to return as King… and it’s about time that I get to know Him in this way!



  1. This is gooooood. Thanks for the reminder, eej …makes me want to know Him more!

  2. How did my picture show up next to my comment? this world wide web is pretty sweet …

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