Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | July 15, 2008

the best 20 hours in a long time

Elizabeth, Josie, and I at the beach last summer.


One of my best friends from college flew in for a quick (and by quick, I mean in and out in 20 hours) visit on Sunday which meant the world to me.  Elizabeth and I met each other at the beginning of our first year when we were randomly assigned to the same small group.  At the time, she had an entire dresser drawer designed for ribbons to tie into her hair and knew more about fashion than I ever will.  Nevertheless, she became and inevitably will always be one of my dearest friends.  Here’s a quick shout out to Elizabeth (soon to be Williams) about why I love her so much:


5.  Elizabeth is intentional.  She cares about her friendships and is often the ringleader when it comes to making things happen.  She is about as faithful of a friend as you could ever want. 

4.  Elizabeth is generous (and thoughtful).  As I look around my apartment today, I see a number of gifts given to me by Elizabeth “just because”.  Among my favorites is my first strand of pearls. 

3.  Elizabeth loves the Lord and shows it.  Although we have always considered ourselves very different from each other, our love for God and desire to know Him better has always seemed to knit us together. 

2.  Elizabeth is absent-minded when it comes to playing cards and yet she seemingly always wins.  Typical scenario:  “Oh, spaids are trump?  I totally forgot.  Oh well!!”  And then she wins. 

1.  Elizabeth is crazy fun.  Some of my best memories in the world include Elizabeth and Josie (see above picture).  We could sit for hours upon hours and reminisce about college and never run out of stories.


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