Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | August 11, 2008

it’s just that time of year again

I love the Olympics!!  I love the anticipation and the adrenaline.  I love the intensity and passion.  I love the remarkable talent.  But most of all, I am a sucker for the inspirational stories.  Give credit to the media for they can turn an ordinary story into a riveting and dramatic tear-jerker.  But then again, is there even such a thing as an ordinary story?  Take 41 year old swimmer, Dara Torres.  Yep, she’s 41.  And she is competing among the best swimmers in the world.  Then there’s the 90 pound, 16 year old gymnastic prodigy, Shawn Johnson, who has topped John Wayne’s birthplace as the most significant attraction of Iowa. 

However, the best story that I have come across thus far, thanks to my good friend Anna Kate Prum, is the story of the emerging American track star, Lopez Lomong.  His story is simply remarkable.  I’d highly recommend the following article from the Washington Post.

All in all, my repsonses to stories like these prove that there is an innate desire inside of me to make something of my life, to make an impact, to overcome the odds, and to be great at something.  This desire, I believe, is within each of us and this desire, I believe, has been implanted inside of each of our hearts by the hand of God. 

I’ll leave you with words that have echoed in my life again and again since I heard them.  “You were created for greatness, but you will never realize that potential until you come in contact with the One who made you.”


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