Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | August 14, 2008

the best way to cultivate hunger is to….

One of my highlights each week is sitting down with my “prayer team” every Tuesday and Wednesday morning before heading into the prayer room together.  We use that time to pray together and for one another, to process what we have been learning, and to read and discuss Scripture together. 

This morning, we began to discuss the topic of spiritual hunger.  There are so many stinking promises in Scripture for the hungry and the thirsty.  And yet, spiritual hunger is extremely difficult to cultivate, especially in our culture.  I mean, we practically have everything that we could want at our fingertips.  So, how do we do it?  Loren, who I have deemed the “spiritual father” of our team, perked up and said, “Well, the best way to cultivate hunger is to eat.” 

I laughed at first- and he smiled- but not because he was joking.  He smiled because he was onto something and I had almost missed it.  “Unpack that a little bit,” I asked.  He went on to explain that when we eat a lot of a certain food that we have acquired a taste for, we start to desire that food more.  A prime example is sweets.  The more we eat, the more we are going to want to eat.  His point was that it’s the exact same thing when it comes to eating spiritually.  “Taste and see that the Lord is good”, Scripture encourages.  And again in Isaiah 55, “Every one who thirsts, come to the waters; And you who have no money come, buy and eat .” 

I’ll be honest and say that sometimes, I desire to be spiritually hungry and yet I don’t do much about it.  I wait, hoping that I will just wake up one day with incredible amounts of passion.  However, I’m wondering if Loren is onto something.  I’m wondering if I can cultivate hunger by simply continuing to eat.  Here goes!


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