Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | September 10, 2008

Week 1 of Traveling

It’s Wednesday morning and I’m currently sitting in a cozy little booth at the very back of Panera in Barracks Road.  One week ago, Russell and I were making the trek from the midwest, right past the golden arch in St. Louis, through horse country Kentucky, up and over the breath-taking Blue Ridge mountains, north on Interstate 81, over Afton Mountain, and into Charlottesville.  It is safe to say that I have really missed this place. 

The weekend was spent celebrating the marriage of Bernie and Elizabeth, and praying away Hurricane Hanna while staying in a house on the beach.  The prayers prevailed and we walked out of the church on Saturday evening to see a beautiful sunset and clear skies.  While the weather made the weekend a bit more ‘exciting’, the Robertsons were not to be denied.  That family KNOWS how to throw a party.

Since returning to Charlottesville on Sunday, we have managed to squeeze in a few of our favorite things as well as see a few of our favorite people.  Here are a few highlights:

Monday night was spent eating dinner with our families at Bang, an Asian tapas bar off of the downtown mall.  We ordered a bunch of different dishes and then passed them all around.  My favorite type of meal!

Earlier that day, Russell and I drove out to Sugar Hollow and hiked up to Blue Hole.  It was here, at this swimming hole, that we went on one of our first dates.  Don’t be deceived by the picture (I love google images), we didn’t pass a single soul that day.  It was just us… making it all the better. 

Last night, we had Thai food with Brad and Amanda, a dinner tradition of ours.  I met Brad my second year of college and he became one of my best guy friends.  I met Amanda soon after and I still remember sitting in her room one winter night, about three years ago, when she finally confessed to liking Brad and I raved about this  boy “Russell” who I had known since high-school.  Little did we know, a few years down the road, we’d be married to them.  Brad and Amanda are tying the knot on Friday and we are pumped for them!

Other highlights include, but are not limited to, good sandwiches and lots of (diet) coke with Mary Beth and spending last night with my bud, Kate, in the room where I lived my third year of college.  With Russell spending the night with Isaac, I gave it my all last night and even made it to 2am as we played guitar and talked on the front porch of 318.  Needless to say, my body cannot handle that type of schedule any more and so I’m feeling it this morning. 

Coffee cup number two, here I come.  Stay tuned for Week 2 adventures…



  1. Eej I love the update!! Sounds like you’re having a great time!! We miss you here!!!

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