Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | November 24, 2008

“it’s you and me, babe, versus this house”

Sometimes Russell and I pretend that it’s us versus the house…  and most of the time, the house wins.  Take the copper pipes for example.  We were told that the house was winterized soon after it was foreclosed.  Well, 10 burst pipes later, the house was clearly up 1-0 on the Capps. 

More recently, the new and exciting adventure of tiling has threatened to double the score on us.  Our dear friend Dave was in the process of teaching Russell how to lay tile when his phone rang and he had to leave the house.  “You’ve got the hang of it, right dude?  You’re going to be great!” he exclaimed as he headed to his car.  Dave had laid a total of 4 tiles. 

We soon learned that tiling would take it’s toll on our ‘aging’ bodies.  Hours upon hours spent on our knees, trying to remember all of the strategies we learned in tenth grade geometry, we eventually finished the laundry room, then the kitchen, and then the guest bathroom upstairs.  The tile cutter, however, was a treat in and of itself.  You see, you can always tell when someone has been tiling if you find them with a face covered in “dust”, and a solid stripe of water and tiny tile pieces straight down their shirt.   Exhibit A:week-one-009 

In the episode of “Russell versus the downstairs bathroom sink”…. well let’s just say Russell didn’t fare so well.  While lying on his back, halfway inside of the vanity, trying to install a shut-off valve on the pipe, he was surprised to encounter a bit more water than he expected.  Let’s just say he was anticipating a few drops, not a fire hydrant…  Exhibit B:


Oh the joys of remodeling…  🙂



  1. Hilarious! I can’t wait to come visit the finished product.

  2. ohhhhhh wow!

  3. LOL…you guys are way to funny. Great sense of humor, EJ. I enjoy the remodeling updates:)

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