Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | December 10, 2008

this house, this bittersweet house.

If you had told me in September that come December 8th, I would still be spending every spare minute working on this house, only to find it 50% finished, I don’t know that I would have consented to buy it.  Sunday afternoon, I had a little breakdown.  I was tired of working.  I was tired of blisters.  I was tired  of countless hours of labor without being able to see any visible progress. 


“But this isn’t our house, remember?” Russell gently reminded me.  My husband, of all people, has the “right” to be frustrated and discouraged.  He’s the one who continues to have to reap the consequences of the actions (or lack of actions) of the previous owners of this house.  Just yesterday, as he was tearing up the tile in the master bathroom, he discovered water damage in the floor boards that will undoubtedly set him back a number of days and cause us to now replace the floor. 


Yet as the thoughts of “this is unfair” and “why do I have to fix their mistakes” crept in, Russell was reminded of the word that he sensed from the Lord back in August… that this house does not belong to us, but to the Lord.  Oh, how that changes things.  What if we really viewed our work as unto the Lord?  What if we saw this as a privilege to fix up the house that belongs to the Lord… one where He might be dwell?  After all, that is what we are desiring—a resting place for the Lord (Isaiah 66)—in our hearts and in our home, in our city and in our nation.  So, we’re back to work… trying to keep perspective… and trying to have some fun in the meantime.  🙂




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