Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | December 10, 2008

this (young house) morning

So, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are 6am mornings… meaning that I have committed to being in the Prayer Room starting at 6am.  This morning, however, as Russell returned from warming up the car, he informed me that “we aren’t going anywhere”.  Since it snowed all day day yesterday and since it’s… oh, about 13 degrees outside, our street, though plowed, is a solid sheet of ice.  Did I mention that we live on the top of a gradual hill meaning that whether we turn to the left or the right, our innocent neighbors at the end of the street might have been awakened by our little Corolla in ther living room. 

Alas, I took off my jacket, settled on the couch, and turned on the webstream.  If I couldn’t make it to the Prayer Room, I could atleast join in thanks to the internet.  See for more info. 

I thought that making zucchini bread last night would be a great way to pass the last hour before heading to bed.  When the timer went off, Russell took the loaf out of the oven.  This morning, I came into the kitchen to still see the loaf sitting on the oven.  Whoooops!  I totally forgot..  and, well, it tastes more like a sugar cookie than zucchini bread.  I’m stumped…. except for the fact that the recipe was written in the handwriting of a 10-year-old (presumably mine).  Maybe my dear friend, Anna Kate Prum, could present us with a new zucchini bread recipe on her NEW blog:  Sugar and Stuff! 

And since I unintentionally have started a blog-listing in this post..  I might as well mention my latest blog-candy:  This young couple, living in Richmond, has been my inspiration as of late.  Thanks, Elizabeth, for keeping me up to date!


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