Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | December 16, 2008

You know you are remodeling when…

You know you are remodeling when..

8.  You have to wipe off your feet each night before you crawl into bed. 

7.  Your dining room table is doubling as a desk and your dryer as the pedestal for your tile cutter.

6.  The movie “The Money Pit” takes on new meaning.

5.  A lean pocket sounds like too much work.

4.  “Big Trash Day” is your favorite day of the month.








3.  Home Depot is “on the way home” no matter what direction you are coming from!

2.  Your nightly dreams consist of configuring wires, soldering copper pipes, and screwing in drywall. 

1.  It’s not abnormal to come home and see your husband looking like this:

christmas-tree-home-imp-005But check out that sweet tiling job he’s in the process of doing in the guest bathroom!



  1. That last picture doesn’t even look like Russell! It’s the abominable dust/tile man. Glad you’re documenting this. Can’t wait to see the guest bathroom in person.

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