Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | December 24, 2008

one of those

Yesterday around noon, I was sitting at my kitchen counter, emailing away, when all of a sudden, I heard an explosion in the garage.  It was just one of those moments.  I knew, in my mind, what had happened.  But, well, by getting up and walking into the garage, I knew that what I thought had happened would become a reality… and I just didn’t want to deal with that.  So, I stayed put…. for about 10 more seconds.  Then, I grabbed a broom (just in case it was an intruder and not what I thought). 

Sure enough, I opened the garage door to see what looked like a fire hydrant suspended from the ceiling with a solid blast of water shooting out in a radius of 20 feet.  Quickly, I sprinted to the basement and shut off the emergency valve.  Great.  Another pipe had burst…. bringing the grand total to 11 since we bought the house in September. 

Fortunately, Russell has learned how to solder pipes. Unfortunately, Russell was still out of town, driving at that point through the Land of Lincoln, and wouldn’t be returning until late into the night. 

Early this morning, we woke up to the reality of not having running water… and really needing it.  So, Russell approached the garage with 1/2″ copper couplings (which I successfully found at Lowes last night!) and a torch in hand.  Ten hours, two trips to Lowes, and two failed attempts later, we finally turned the water back on.  At this point, it was 6pm, the Christmas Tree really needed water, and I was dehydrated (just an exaggeration). It was just one of those days. 

Around that time, I wandered into the Dining Room to find a package on our table.  I eagerly opened it to find this:


Perfect timing, eh?  Thanks, Mama Rote, for your impeccable timing (and quality sense of humor).  🙂 

It’s now nearing 9pm.  Another day of renovations has come to a close.  The first set of flooring is down in the master bath and all of the light switches miraculously work (way to go, Russell!).  Water is flowing through all of the pipes and the insulation has been replaced.  Russell loves his new office and said something to the effect of, “Wow!  I should go away more often!”….. and we have a date with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long.  Goodnight, all.


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