Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | January 2, 2009

another year

I have a confession.  I totally buy into the whole resolution thing.  Being a list-maker by trade, I just cannot narrow it down to one resolution.  Rather, I have a few.  Quite a few.

One of the more significant of these resolutions has to do with Jesus.  Ever since moving out to KC and jumping on board with the International House of Prayer, I have given myself to the disciplines of prayer, reading Scripture, and fasting.  I will be honest in saying that although the Bible has always been a great resource to me, I have never loved it nor needed it like I do now.  I have another confession.  While most of the people around me are studying complicated books like Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Revelation, I just can’t get enough of the gospels.  I have been stuck on these four little books ever since getting here.  Sure, I have read them countless times before.  I have even given talks and led Bible Studies on the stories that they contain.  Yet never in my life have I become so fascinated with the Man’s life which they document.  I often find myself reading a story for the tenth time and having to set down my Bible as I start to tear up, utterly humbled by the things that Jesus did and the words which He said.  I find myself feeling a mixture of admiration, fascination, gratitude and love.

So, here’s the catch.  As I overheard someone saying the other day, to merely study the first coming of Jesus without studying His return is to divorce a crucial aspect of His nature from the very essence of who He is.  I have fallen in love with the Jesus of Nazareth- who walked this Earth with such compassion and meekness…  who healed people and then tracked them down to reveal Himself to them… who washed the feet of the very man who would betray Him in the coming hours…  who willingly subjected Himself to the taunts and the mockery and who gave up His very own life.  But there is more to Jesus than what the gospels say about Him.  There is coming a day when He will return to this Earth with a sword in his mouth and eyes like flames of fire.  He will look like the King that the Jewish people were looking for when He came the first time.  I have known Him as a Lamb… but not as the Lion.  The imagery in the Bible describing His return makes me tremble.  It’s not the Jesus that I know.  But it’s the Jesus that I have to get to know

This year, and for the years to come, my resolution is this:  I want to know Jesus.  Whatever it looks like… whatever it costs…  I want it.  Inevitably, it will shatter a few of my paradigms.  I will have to wrestle through the passages that I tend to skip over.  It will demand some changes in my life…  but I want it.  Will you join me this year in taking an honest look at Jesus?  He is simply not who we think He is…  and to tell you the truth–  I think that’s the best news that I have heard in a long, long time.


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