Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | January 22, 2009

the difference between men and women

Starting the first week of the year, Russell and I set out on an adventure that we are calling “Love Jar 2009”.  After some of the couples in our small groups mentioned the idea, I suggested that we give it a try.  Russell, though hesitant at first, has been a major trooper!  So, what is Love Jar 2009 you may ask? 

Step 1:  Find 2 small jars.  Cut 52 pieces of paper (each) and grab some pens. 

Step 2:  On each piece of paper, each person writes something that their spouse can do for them that would make them feel loved.  This can be anything from….. “Make me breakfast in bed” to “Plan a surprise trip for me” and everything in between.  The goal is that the couple would learn how each person receives love the best and intentionally make the effort each week to do something special.

Step 3:  Every week, each person draws one piece of folded up paper out of their spouse’s jar.  Keeping it a secret at first, that person has one week to do whatever is written on the paper they picked. 

Now…  back to the title of this post. 

Difference #1:  As Russell and I sat down to watch “The Money Pit”, a gift courtesy of Mama Rote, we started to fill out our pieces of paper in order to fill our Love Jars.  20 minutes into the movie, I was almost done with my 52 pieces of paper while Russell was working on his fourth.  Difference #1. 

Difference #2:  With the first week coming to a close, I set out to Target to fulfill my Love Jar commitment to Russell for the week.  When I arrived home that night, Russell met me at the front door with his guitar.  He brought me into the living room where he proceeded to sing me a song that he had written about our relationship.  Both teary-eyed, it was one of the best gifts ever.  Yes, my “not that high-maintenance” first entry into the Love Jar was… “Write me a sing and sing it to me.” 

A few minutes later, after Russell had walked upstairs, I hustled into the kitchen to whip up his big surprise.  I met him in the bedroom with….  some double-stuffed oreos and a glass of whole milk!!!  Of all the things I could do to show Russell that I loved him, he wanted me to buy oreos and whole milk!  Hence…. the difference between men and women. 


PS:  Guess which Love Jar is whose.


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