Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | January 28, 2009

the last 48 hours

On Sunday, a group of former JMU students, in town for a college reunion, made their way over to Casa Capps for lunch.  One member of the group was my dear friend, Emily Ambuske.  I met Em my sophomore year of highschool and we have remained close for the past 8 years.  The best part of the day was getting to meet Em and Mike’s baby girl, Gracie.  I had seen pictures before… but they did not do justice to how adorable Gracie is. 


Not only was she adorable, she had an incredible personality and was surprisingly calm and laid back.  Truth be told, Russell told me later that night that Gracie was the first baby he had ever been around that actually made him excited to have kids of our own! 


I love how Gracie is looking at Russell in this picture… as if she’s saying, “So, you think you want kids, eh?  Well, you have a lot to learn, mister!”

And here’s a picture of the group:


From Left to Right:  Russell, Em and Gracie, Ann, Jenny, baby Claire, and Mike

But the story doesn’t stop there.  A mere 24 hours after they left, I came down with an intense stomach bug and have been laid out since yesterday afternoon.  I was unable to hold anything down until a few hours ago and have only made it out of my bed to go to the bathroom.  If this is anything like what morning sickness will feel like… well, I’m just not so sure that I’m ready, regardless of how cute Gracie was.  🙂


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