Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | February 1, 2009



Russell and I saw the movie “Defiance” tonight.  The acting was incredible.  The storyline was riveting.  I spent half of the movie plugging my ears while peering through my fingers as I covered my eyes and I spent the other half wide-eyed and fascinated.  It amazes me to see the desperate measures that people will take in order to survive and how calloused and numb to evil others can be when they choose to follow wicked men.  I found myself, throughout the movie, disgusted at what took place, what actually took place.  It’s one thing to watch a movie about it.  It’s a whole other thing to remember that this really happened… only 60 years ago.  A man actually convinced a nation that it was necessary to kill an entire people group. 

It’s terrifying, really.  Who says that such unimaginable cruetly cannot take place on the Earth again?  There are traces of it everywhere and I’m scared to think about the types of documentaries our children will be watching 30 years from now.  Will it be genocide in Africa?  Will it be the sex trade?  What about abortion?  I shudder at the thought.

All to say, this movie stirred me up and I highly recommend it to those of you who have the stomach to sit through it.



  1. […] other movie suggestions:  Eliza Joy strongly recommends Defiance , and I’ve heard from multiple people that Gran Torino is excellent.  Some LOVE the Curious […]

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