Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | February 6, 2009

who is the faithful one?

I woke up yesterday morning with these words running through my mind:

“If we are faithless, he remains faithful.  He cannot deny Himself.”

Oh, what glorious news to wake up to!  It’s all about Him!  It’s about HIS ability to lead– not my ability to follow.  It’s about HIS desire to make me like Him– not my ability to fix all of my own problems.  HE never changes.  HE is the consistent one.  And HIS grace is enough for my fickle, inconsistent, and wandering heart.

This truth has saved me this week– a week where I feel like a little, messy, ugly kid– a week where I feel like the least devoted one in a room full of faithful intercessors– a week where I’m struggling to even “show up”.  But it’s about HIM. 

I’m facing my humanity this week– my depravity– my inability to do anything in my own strength.  I cannot love Him.  I cannot stir up my own zeal and passion.  I cannot remain faithful.  Not without His grace.  This is the lie that I constantly have to fight against– the lie that I can do it on my own– the lie that I know best– the lie that I can make it by myself.  No- I am nothing without Him. 

When I understand just a glimpse of this, I feel such great relief.  It’s not up to me!!  You see, I am familiar with the idea that Christ is my inheritance.  I understand that He is my prize- my exceedingly great reward.  But I’m starting to understand what it means that I am His inheritance, too (ephesians 1:18).  I have been promised- betrothed- to Christ, and for the rest of my life, God is committed to making me into a glorious inheritance for His son.  I’m the little piece of clay that He is molding.  I’m the gold that is being refined.  I’m the bride that is being prepared.  It’s not up to me to become a great inheritance…  but it’s up to me to be willing, to participate, and to ask for this refining to take place, even if it requires stripping me of every ounce of self-sufficiency. 

And the best news again??  He is faithful to complete what He has started.


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