Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | February 24, 2009

I want….

I want Jesus.  The real Jesus.  Not the cultural Jesus.  Not the religious Jesus.  Not the boring Jesus.  Not the legalistic Jesus.  Not the watered down Jesus.  Not the 5’10 caucasian looking Jesus.  I want the real Jesus– the kindest Man who ever walked this earth– the Jesus who washed the feet of the very man who was about to betray Him– the Jesus who is the Lamb who was slain and the coming King.

I want eyes to see.  There’s a blind man who comes to the Prayer Room around the same time as me each day, and I often feel a mixture of sorrow and righteous anger for his condition.  But then, one day, I felt as if the Lord said to me, “Atleast he knows that he is blind”.  Just like that, my heart was pierced.  The real issue is that I don’t realize that I am blind (Rev 3:17), desperately needing God to open my eyes to see what is really going on.

I want community– not the Christian buzzword, not human fellowship for the sake of fellowship, but true community, Acts-like community.  I want to go deep with people, praying together, contending for each other, sharing our joys and our burdens, providing for each other.  I want real community- inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I want the wrong things to be made right.  I’m tired of laying hands on someone, asking the Lord to heal them, and not seeing any visible change.  I want to see a corporate release of God’s power– that is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34)– that shows no partiality to denomination, age, color, or intellect.  I’ll keep praying– but with the hope that an outpouring is coming… soon.

I want a lot of things– but these, in particular, were stirring in my heart this morning. 

What do you want?  I think it’s high time for us to start asking for it.



  1. i want…”thy kingdom to come”

  2. Me too, Mary Beth, me too… I miss you!

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