Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | April 19, 2009

Ode to Eliza Joy!

well, maybe I won’t sing a song.  Anyway, I am invading my wife’s blog. That’s right, this is Russell.  For an odd second I bet you thought Eliza Joy was posting about herself 🙂 The reason I am doing so is because I think that everyone, especially her friends, should hear how awesome she is. Now, if you know Eliza Joy, that is readily apparent in many ways. However, I want to brag on what you don’t always see – her determination, especially with our house.  Sometimes my wife laments that she wishes she had a little more perseverance or self-control in some areas(Eej could be one of the more open and honest people I have ever met).  But the house is one area where I have seen amazing growth and strength in this area that she perceives as a weakness.  Before we moved in, I would consider it a fair statement that she wasn’t very knowledgeable or handy when it comes to home remodeling. That may sound a little rough, but it is true. Swinging a hammer, cutting drywall, texturing ceilings, etc, were not things she had done much, if at all. Heck, I hadn’t too much either. This week will mark the 7 month anniversary of remodeling. Perhaps anniversary isn’t the best word since that usually connotes a celebration to most people, but I guess each day brings us closer to completion, and that is cause for celebration. Anyway, at the start, I had my doubts. I am happy to report that those have been relieved. So here is a list of things that my wonderful wife has learned and/or accomplished since we bought the house:
– Tiling (She did much of the kitchen, hallway, and both bathrooms!)
– Drywall – cutting it and screwing it in
– Drywall mudding and sanding
– Painting (she painted probably 80% of about 14 rooms, including taping every one)
– Cabinet and Chair assembly (She put together all the kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, and our dining room chairs)
– She sprayed and scraped every ceiling in the house, removing the old ‘popcorn’ texturing
– Wall and Ceiling Texturing (again, every ceiling in the house, plus a couple of walls)
– Mounted and hung curtains (very tastefully I might add!)
– Broken up old tile for hours with a mini-sledge hammer
– Helped install new doorknobs
– Seeded and put down hay in the back yard
– Pulled up hundreds of staples from the floor where old carpeting was
– Hauled cabinets, old appliances, huge loads of old tile, drywall and lumber
– Removed enormous wooden beams from the ceiling in the family room
– Painted the fireplace, which was not your normal painting job
– Purchased, picked up and moved numerous really heavy Craigslist items (corner hutch, dining room table, fridge, stove, dishwasher, dressers, bed, boxes of tile)
– Helped me take a couple of tons(literally) of concrete to the landfill (and just a couple of days ago smashed some up with a sledge-hammer!)

So here’s to you honey. Don’t be mad that I posted on your blog, okay? 😉  Love you!



  1. LOVE this post! You guys have both worked SO hard and I can’t wait to see the finished product!!

  2. Whoop whoop, yeah Eliza my Joy! You’re awesome.

  3. that last comment was from me.

  4. Sounds like a modern day rendition of Proverbs 31.

    (Eej, you rock!)

  5. yeah! way to invade russell! And EJer, I am very proud of you FOR SURE- I could never do what you’ve done, not in a million years! love and miss you.

  6. wow, thanks honey. you can post anytime you want to!!

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