Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | May 7, 2009

may mentionables

1.  “10,000 lesser problems are solved when we come into a right understanding of God.”  -AW Tozer

2.  My schedule is about to change!  For the last 1.5 years, I have spent the mornings/early afternoons in the Prayer Room.  However, for a number of reasons, I am switching things around… and I am going to be spending most evenings (6-10pm) in the PR.  I have always been a night person and I am looking forward to a little change of pace!

3.  Lyrics to sum up my heart right now: 

“I’ll take my cold, cold heart.  I’ll take my unrenewed mind.  I’ll take your word in my hand, and then I’ll give you time to come and melt me.  I can’t even love you unless you call my name.  I can’t even worshp unless you anoint my heart.  I can’t even want you, unless you want me first.”  -misty edwards– “do what only you can do”

For a strong-willed, independent, and deceived into thinking that I can be self-sufficient individual, the Lord is so graciously and tenderly showing me that apart from Him, I can do nothing.  Coming into this understanding is everything but comfortable and fun.  But I am learning, ever so slowly that He has a part and I have a part.  My part mainly includes assuming a correct posture.  His part is to reveal Himself and cause my heart to come alive.  I’ve never been more grateful that He is so faithful with His part. 

4.  The house… oh the house… the refiner’s fire in this season of our lives!  However, the end is in sight!!  With only a handful of “big” interior projects remaining on our list, we’re thinking that we may even be able to start on the exterior by the end of the summer! 

5.  Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the Prayer Room-KC.  I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for those who labored in prayer night and day during those first several years.  Nowadays, it’s typical to see 300 intercessors in the room with a very talented worship team on stage leading the room.  Back then, they used to say that if you could fog a mirror, you could sing on a worship teams.  Many nights were spent with 1-2 people in the room, with one being the worship leader.  To what do we attribute the “success”?  Incredible marketing?  Successful fundraising?  The right people and the right place?  Not so much.  What has happened in just 10 years can only be attributed to the notion that God is doing something corporately in this hour of history.  He is raising up a prayer movement to come alongside the missions movement so that the gospel will be preached to the ends of the Earth, so that His Son will be able to return, so that the Church will be awakened and united, and so that justice will be released.  We are living in an exciting time, I assure you!


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