Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | May 9, 2009

me? prepared?

What if part of being prepared is actually feeling unprepared?  Could the feeling of “There is no way that I can do this” actually be pleasing to God? 

I’ve been feeling that way pretty often as of late…  In over my head.  Unknowledgeable and naive.  Unable.  Inarticulate.  Unprepared.  Simply not ready.

But what if God smiles over me feeling like I cannot do it?  What if in reality, He has just been waiting for me to acknowledge that I cannot do anything without Him?  What if He is that good Father who lets their child try it on their own again and again until they realize that they just can’t.  It’s just not working.  And then they run into His arms, feeling a mixture of shame and frustration, and He just holds them tightly and whispers, “Let me help you”. 

Will I let my pride keep me from that place?  Will I cling to my self-sufficiency to the extent that I miss the opportunity of being held?  Or will I admit what He already knows:  I cannot do it without you.  Please help me. 

 Truth is- I just have no idea how to wire an electrical box, Russell is doing errands, and I desperately need His help. 

Ok, ok, so this isn’t about an electrical box.  But, I couldn’t resist.  🙂


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