Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | June 10, 2009

the journey to devotion

Devotion.  It is the word that I keep coming back to.  What a word to be characterized by.  I so long to be devoted to Jesus.  To me, devotion encompasses wholeheartedness, surrender, and reverence.  To me, devotion requires a lifestyle change. 

As I have prayed for a life of devotion, I am learning about the process.  It’s highly unlikely that I will wake up tomorrow and suddenly be filled with devotion.  Rather, it is a journey.  In my life, it has often started with dissatisfaction.  Time and time again, I find myself dissatisfied with life as it is and that dissatisfaction produces a hunger inside of me.  As the hunger increases, desperation is born.  Like a person deprived of food, I become consumed with longing for something real… something other than what this world has to offer.  I become desperate for the living God. This desperation is not a respecter of my time or my energy or my plans.  This desperation drives me to fervently pursue Him.  And as I reorient my life around the goal of seeking Him, I find myself suddenly feeling rather devoted to this pursuit of Jesus. 

What does that mean in simple terms?  I see it like this:

Dissatisfaction –> Hunger –> Desperation –> Fervent Pursuit –> Devotion

Want to know the truth?  Most of the time, I find myself stuck between dissatisfaction and hunger.  But, I don’t want to stay there!! 

“It is the impassioned pursuit of God that changes us.”  -Bob Sorge

Slowly but surely, I am being changed in this process.  It is not the attainment of devotion that changes us.  Rather, it is the pursuit.  It is the journey.  It is putting one foot in front of the other and not giving up… and that, I am determined to do.


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