Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | November 19, 2009

just a couple more than a couple of thoughts

Russell and I have this ongoing argument discussion about the definition and usage of the word, “couple”.  He adheres strictly to the belief that ‘couple’ means two and only two under all circumstances.  I, however, use it more loosely.  For example, I wanted to title this post, “just a couple of thoughts”.. thinking that ‘a couple’ would grant me atleast 3 or 4.  After all, I don’t think that I’ve ever only had 2 thoughts.  I’m a woman…. and an ENFP.  Only having two thoughts is basically illegal.  Nevertheless, here’s a couple more than a couple…

1.  Something a bit crazy and a bit exciting is going on around these parts.  Though God’s presence is always with us, it seems to be a bit thicker recently when we’ve been gathering together.  Though He always loves to heal, we’re seeing an increase in the number of people being healed.  Though He always cares about our hearts, we’re seeing hundreds upon hundreds night after night that are being set free from addictions, oppression, lies, etc.  I don’t have much of a grid for what is happening but even the analytical and skeptical side of me knows without a doubt that something bigger is happening… something beyond us.  IHOP has shut everything down during the evenings and has been holding nightly services from 6pm-midnight for the last 2 weeks.  You can watch it online at  However, this is my disclaimer.  Watch it with an open heart and open mind.  I have to tell myself this every night.  God cannot be contained and we cannot reduce His ways to evangelical, Western Christianity ways.  He is GOD…. and sometimes, He chooses to offend our minds in order to truly reveal what’s in our hearts. 

2.  If you want to watch a quick testimony from one night last week, click here to hear Brent’s testimony!

3.  Two weekends ago, I stood beside one of my best friends as she pledged her vows to her soon-to-be husband.  I LOVE WEDDINGS!!!!  I love watching the groom as he watches the bride walking down the aisle.  I love watching the bridesmaids trying to hold it together.  I love the vows.  I love the hymns.  I love when they are pronounced man and wife and everybody cheers!  I just love it.  I loved watching Martha be completely in her element and I loved seeing the way that Ron looked at his bride- with such adoration and delight.  Another highlight of the weekend was getting to spend time with the new Hagerty’s kiddos!!  I have never seen kids so full of joy… or so well-behaved AND hilarious!  I laughed and laughed and laughed… and then cried some when I thought about the love of God as He rescued them and placed them into the Hagerty home.  Take a look at their cuteness:

Don’t let them fool you… they aren’t camera shy in the least!

Eden Meskerem:  4 years old and such a ham (takes after her momma)

Caleb Asnaka:  2 years old and as sweet as can be

4.  This is two months overdue… but is too sweet to not comment on.  So, I turned 25 a “couple” of months back and because Russell was scheduled to work that night, two of my girl friends, Krista and Katie, were going to take me out for my birthday!  They showed up around dinner time, blindfolded me, and drove me downtown.  After parking, we walked for what seemed like forever until we arrived at our destination and they took off my blindfold only to find Russell and the most romantic candlelit dinner table…. in my FAVORITE park!  It’s the one that reminds me of Charlottesville (the only place in KC, mind you, that reminds me of Charlottesville).  Loose Park is very sizable and so he found the perfect spot… and then carried everything down from his car (including the table on his back).  What a man!  Isn’t he the best?!



  1. impressive post… sweet, thoughtful, funny, with pictures too!!!! nice combo 🙂

  2. says “bart” commented..but it’s really me KRISTA

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