Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | January 7, 2010

taking the god out of godliness

Recently, as I have been sitting before God, I have been feeling thousands of miles away from where I want to be in Him.  I know who He has called me to be.  I know what I desire to become… and yet the harder I try, the more I am aware of my inability to change myself.  But today, as I sit here, feeling so far away from where I assume I ought to be by now, I feel so close to Him.  And I hear His promises whispered over my life again…  not that I would be perfectly sanctified in this life- but that He is with me, that He is near to the broken hearted, that He saves those who are crushed in spirit, that He does not leave us as orphans, but that He dwells within me… 

I am realizing that I have gotten off track somewhere along the way. 

Godliness has become my goal instead of God Himself.  In my feeble attemps to become like Him, I have missed Him. 

And so I am back, and I desperately want to know Jesus… more than I want to look like Him, I want to look at Him.  More than I want to talk like Him, I want to talk to Him.  More than I want to walk like Him, I want to walk with Him. 

In order to do so, I have to lay down my own ambitions.  I will let you in on a secret- I long to be devoted to Jesus.  I long to be diligent, to be faithful, to be a woman of prayer and of the Word.  I long to be characterized by my hungry and relentless pursuit of Him.  But I have become so focused on these very virtues that I have lost sight of the One who I want to be devoted to and the One who I want to pursue. 

The good news is that Jesus didn’t come for the ones that have it all together.  He came because He wanted to be with us- no matter how messy and broken we are.  And He came so that we would desire to be with Him, too.


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