Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | February 4, 2010

6 reasons this weekend is going to be the best ever

Reason #1:  “Ans-B McCarty”, soon to be Ansley Craine, aka Dino, lover of latin american culture and footie pajamas, hater of squirrels, currently residing in Hotlanta.

Reason #2:  “Host-a-nananana Ortega”, formerly known as Mary Josephine Rote, known to us as Josie.  Loves Elvis, Izzy-bear, mountain biking, and canadian rockstar TA’s. 

Reason #3:  Elizabeth Robertson Williams, aka E-Rob, lives in DC, loves sushi, indian runs, the names “boots” and “poppy” and will inevitably be on tour one day.

Reason #4:  “Liz-ard Colizza”, currently living in Cincinnati, but not for long.  Loves adventure, reading, her dog (Bean Curd), and sharing thai food with her really cool friend, Miza Roy.

Reason #5:  “AK-47”, also known as Anna Kate Prum, counselor-to-be, loves English Breakfast Tea, signature dance moves, half-marathons, and her dog, Finn.

Reason #6:  “Bud-a-tud”, known to others as Mary Pendleton Stafford, lover of all things rural, patriotic, and canned.  Sleeps with an eye mask. 

Yes, that’s right… it’s Girls Weekend KC 2K10 this weekend…. and I can hardly wait.



  1. This is LOW, host! Let’s compare and contrast Elizabeth’s picture with mine– the difference is five years, no more baby fat, a beautiful bridesmaid dress chosen by someone with great taste (if you used my pic from that same night I’d be happy!), and sweet Elvis glasses. My pic is outside 7eleven, hers is at a fabulous wedding. My picture, things to note: bad fashion (probably it was 2am), bad pedicure, wily red eyes, a WT plastic angel– I don’t even remember where it came from. . . the only thing redeeming is the RED JEEP. But I love you host. See you tomorrow!

  2. Yes, but Ansley DOES have that trucker’s hat on…

  3. your friends are awesome eejer!!!!

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