Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | February 19, 2010


Right now, it looks like cotton balls are being shot down from the sky.  Talk about some big snowflakes!! 

But inside, I am admiring my husband’s newly discovered craftsmanship.  A few months back, I showed him this picture:

I had been eyeing this Samantha Entryway Bench from Pottery Barn for quite some time for the formerly vacant alcove in between our garage door and laundry room.  I loved the cubbies, the woven baskets, the simple frame, and the comfy cushion on top.  But I didn’t love the $400 plus pricetag for the bench, baskets, and cushion.  So when I showed the picture to Russell, he decided that he could build it himself.. for a fraction of the cost.

Fast-forward a few days and voila:

 I couldn’t believe it!  Even the slightly curved legs looked identical.  I picked up the baskets and seat cushions (three little ones were less expensive than one large one) at Target and now all we are waiting for are some sweet vintage wooden skis to hang on the adjacent wall.  Has anyone seen some at a flea market recently??



  1. very impressive 🙂

  2. wow …Russell is THE MAN!!!

  3. If I see some old skis….I will definitely get them for you!

    • Thanks, Lauren! We miss you guys!

  4. Awesome!!!

  5. Wow…please come to my house and work your design magic!

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