Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | March 16, 2010


Our lives are about to change in a major way!

Introducing….  Baby Capps!  Affectionately known as “lil lentil bean”, this kumquat-sized baby is expected to arrive in early October. 

Russell and I are beyond ecstatic.  After the rollercoaster of emotions following our miscarriage in September, this feels like such an incredible gift.  By gift, I mean that I have learned that a baby is not something that I am entitled to and not something that I deserve.  As soon as those two lines appeared on the pregnancy test, all I could do was laugh and cry and pray over and over again, “God, you are SO good.  We SO don’t deserve this.  This is such a gift.  You are SO good!” 

So, stay tuned for updates… as soon as this nauses subsides and I can hopefully regain some of the productivity that I used to pride myself in.  🙂



  1. Hooray! I’ve never loved a lentil more…can’t wait to meet the little bean!

  2. woooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo

  3. Eliza, I just cried when I read this- what a blessing, and congrats to you guys!!! I didn’t know you guys had lost a baby in the fall- we lost the baby we were pregnant with last spring when we saw you all in Colorado (almost a year ago, in fact), but we just had another daughter a week ago! so, I can identify with the feelings you expressed that come with getting pregnant again after a miscarriage. And how it totally changes your perspective on child bearing and rearing. How precious are his gifts to us!! I will be praying for you guys, and for the health of your little bean!!

  4. SO excited. I heard the news from Sara Maria, who heard the news from Sophie Baker. LOVE you!!!

  5. The tears are flowing…tears of Joy for you two!! I am so excited and will continue to pray that this is an easy pregnancy and goes by quickly (and that the summer heat is mild like last year!) SO EXCITED!!!!

  6. so good! Praise God! 🙂

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