Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | March 22, 2010


Not nearly as exciting as last week’s post is today’s news.  After a year of saving, planning, and dreaming, I received a call two weekends ago while I was in Atlanta for Ansley and Will’s Amazing Wedding.  Pause for evidence:

(Ansley and Will cutting the cake at the Reception)

(Ansley and her sweet mom; Bridal Party — photos courtesy of Debbie Peacock)

So, as I was saying…. Russell called and surprised me by saying that he was going to have our hardwood floors refinished… starting the next morning!  His boss had recommended a guy who gave us a phenomenal bid a while ago but we were waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer so that we could leave the windows open during the job.  While Russell has fully taken on any challenge with the house that has come his way thus far, we were advised by many wiser-than-ourselves friends that the job of refinishing floors was just one of those jobs where you call in the experts.  The process is laborious, tedious, and smelly!  Since the floors of our house had been in good shape at one point, we knew that we didn’t need to replace them.  They just needed some love-  some belt-sanding love, than a few coats of staining love, and finally a matte finish polyurethane love. 

I arrived back to KC on Sunday morning and Russell had set up for us to stay a few days at the Farrell’s, since we couldn’t walk on our floors.  Oh, and did I mention that Russell and his boss worked until after midnight on the previous Friday night moving every piece of furniture, in addition to everything in every closet, into one of two rooms- the carpeted master bedroom, or the carpeted den?  Yes, our house looked like we had just moved in!  On Wednesday afternoon, we were finally able to walk back into our house.  And man, what a difference the refinished floors have made!!!  We love them!

Here’s a picture of our living room (aka Gallery Room, since it currently contains no furniture!):

And here’s one of our stairwell, my ‘labor of love’. 

Here’s what our stairwell used to look like… before I painstakingly pulled hundreds thousands of staples out of the wood stairs (thanks to the hideous carpet) with a pair of pliers, painted the backs of the stairs in addition to the spindles, and then had the wood refinished.

More pics to come… now that we are “almost” done with the interior projects.  “Almost” is a relative term since let’s be honest, once you begin renovating a home, there will never cease to be projects on your to-do list.



  1. You are definitely not done with your interior projects. You need to have a nursery!

  2. A nursery?!? Don’t worry, Lauren, I have already started planning!!

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