Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | March 25, 2010

pickles and ice-cream

It’s 11:55pm and I snuck out of bed to come downstairs to raid the fridge.  For what?  Pickles and mint chocolate chip ice-cream.  Yum.  I’d say, ‘blame it on the pregnancy’… but that would be a lie.  Because, well, I eat ice-cream all of the time and I’m not sure if I know of any girl who likes pickles (or green olives) more than me.  Just ask my Uncle Ted… or any relative for that matter…. or any person who has spent Thanksgiving with me.  If there’s an olive/pickle tray set out before Thanksgiving meal time, you’ll know where to find me. 

What else have I been craving?  That’s a good question.  Did I already mention pickles?  Green olives?  Ice-cream?  OK, then how about Chipotle..  and grapes.. and crispy apples.  I’m almost too embarassed to say it… but I did buy a pack of jalapeno cheddar HOT DOGS this week.  Then there are the cinnamon roll cravings, and the panini cravings…  but these are all on good days.  On the not-so-good days, well, I try to keep a whole-wheat english muffin with peanut butter down in the morning.  Ginger ale is the drink of choice.  And jolly ranchers have been my saving grace.  Considering I feel nauseas for about 12 out of my 15 waking hours, I suck on about 12 jolly ranchers each day.  That can’t be good for the little bean…  but for some reason, they have helped!  Who knew! 

Speaking of ‘who knew’…  the little lentil bean is only 1.5 inches long but has already grown finger nails and peach fuzz hair all over it’s skin!  All of the chambers of it’s heart are formed in addition to the neural pathways in the brain.  It even hiccups… but I won’t be able to feel them for another couple of months.  On Monday, I will be at 12 weeks… and I can hardly wait!!!  I’m so excited, I just might go eat another pickle!!!



  1. Ohhh how I was wish I was there to share a midnight snack with you! I’d give you my pickles though 🙂

  2. Hahah, thanks, Jax. You are the best friend a girl could ask for. 🙂

  3. I love it. I’ll make sure there is at least an olive tray at Easter 🙂

  4. Have you tried ginger candy rather than jolly ranchers? They are good for my tummy when its upset. Although I have never been pregnant, so I can’t see they will necessarily help with that.

    This is a yummy kind:

    I think they have it at whole foods.

    • Hey Lauren! You know, I have tried those exact ginger candies and they totally helped me in the beginning. I need to go pick up another bag!

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