Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | April 9, 2010

Vitamin Water

Vitamin water makes me happy.  I’ve been battling a cold this past week.  Add that to the nausea and well, I’ve just been feeling downright lousy… and in need of vitamins.  Back to Vitamin Water.  The reason why it makes me so happy is because I think the little descriptions on the bottle are downright hilarious.  I laughed audibly in my car today as I was reading the one on the multi-v bottle.  I kept the bottle so that I could write it down for you!  Preface:  Words in italics have been added by me!

“Who doesn’t like singing in the car?  Flashback to many summer nights in high school blasting Bon Jovi and Counting Crows with Jaclyn and Vail and driving around the Corner.  And we mean reeeeeeeally singing.  You hear certain songs and — bam!  “Car-aoke!”  You are belting out the chorus (and butchering the stuff in-between) story of my life, banging on the drums (aka steering wheel), and maybe you’ve got a little shoulder dip going (just a little???)… do your thing.  And just like how you’re multi-tasking during your “performance”, this bottle is multi-tasking every sip by giving you eight key nutrients from vitamin a to zinc.  All these nutrients will help you get where you’re going… just please refrain from pumping your brakes to the beat.

Does anybody else think these are hilarious?!?!



  1. I do!!!

    And I love V-Water as well. REVIVE is my favorite, yum.

    P.S. I miss car-aoke with you!

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