Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | April 14, 2010

a guest post from russell!!!

I woke up yesterday morning to this email in my inbox:

“Well I am no blog poster, but I made my best attempt at your style 🙂  Here is just a little musing from yesterday that I thought you might enjoy reading.  I love you!”

Needless to say, I enjoyed reading it so much that I wanted to post it for the world to see.  My husband is wonderful!

“A Culture of Life”  – written by Russell

Life seems like an obvious thing to celebrate.  Yet, I don’t think I have found a culture that celebrates it quite like IHOP.  Yes, there are many awesome people and families elsewhere that would have the same reactions and values as there are here.  However, it is the saturation of those people in one place that makes IHOP kind of special.  Recently I was outside talking with my neighbors during a break from raking leaves.  I know them slightly from IHOP, but couldn’t tell you how old they are.

I never saw “Leave it to Beaver” or “The Andy Griffith Show”, but I imagine it felt kind of like a scene from that show where there are kids playing and helping their parents with adults raking leaves and the sun shining with a cool spring breeze making a lovely day near perfect.  I asked if they had a rake that I could borrow and we started some friendly chat about the bare spots in our yard and how sod seemed like the easier option than working hard to grow grass only to have it ravaged by the hot Midwest summer sun.  Randomly, one of the kids says “is your wife pregnant?” (out of the blue?! Pretty cool)  I happily told him we were.  Now, in my experience most adults will say something like “oh, that’s great” and smile warmly.   They may be really happy for you, they may not.  Most kids have no clue how to respond.  I remember all the 8th graders at William Monroe Middle School where I taught and I remember their complete lack of life experience.  When they heard someone was getting married, was pregnant or injured, they were unsure of how to react.  I think one measure of a successful society is when the children ‘get it’.  When something is taught so well and universally understood by children that it will be ingrained for generations to come – for good or bad.  Back to my neighbors.  The two adults were really excited for us and they hardly know us, but the kids – they were far more enthusiastiac than the adults –and it was actually genuine.  For some reason, that made my day.  Six little kids from ages seven to sixteen responded more excitedly and encouragingly than most adults.  In fact, there is a growing number of people around the world that don’t think children, or life, is a blessing.  In fact, they will consider it a mistake or a burden.   That is a discussion for another day, though.   But seeing the disparity between where the culture of the world is taking us and what is celebrated here in this little niche makes me feel blessed to be here.  Life is precious.  I hope I can even learn from these kids who get it.  Their parents have told them, and more importantly, modeled what is to be treasured.  I have some catch up work to do.



  1. Hooray for Russell! Great post!

    Here’s to LIFE and the little bean growing inside your beautiful wife!

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