Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | April 28, 2010

avocados and breathing underwater

I am excited to announce that the lentil bean is now the size of an avocado!!  Not only does this exponential growth amaze me, but I love avocados, too.  What amazes me more, however, are the things I learn each Monday morning when the BabyCenter weekly email shows up in my inbox enlightening me on all of the incredible formation information pertaining to the avocado sized baby.  Though I was slightly disturbed to learn that the baby is already urinating, I was equally as intrigued to read that if I shined a flashlight at my belly, the baby would react to the light!  What perplexes me the most, however, is how he or she is able to breathe amidst all of that fluid.  Can anybody explain that one to me?

As for other updates…. I am currently 16 weeks along and finally feeling less nauseas!  Long gone are the days when I actually button the top button of my jeans.  I am showing, in the ‘all over, looks like you are only eating cakes these days’ way.  My already struggling vocabulary is seriously struggling.  We bought a sweet high chair off of craigslist and two dozen almost-new bum genius diapers for a fraction of the retail cost!  Russell has politely suggested that I stop shopping until we atleast know if it’s a boy or a girl.  That leads me to another point.  I don’t know HOW people wait to find out what they are having.  I am dying to know!!  We both have thought that the little lentil bean is a baby girl… but then I had a very vivid dream last week where we had a 2-day old beautiful baby boy named William!  That threw me for a loop, for sure.  In a couple more weeks, we shall finally know and I can barely wait!



  1. YAY for your sweet little avocado! I am so excited :).

  2. I think they have gills until they’re born. 😀

  3. Since Emily is an experienced mamma of two now I go with her bet … they must have gills.

  4. Gills?!? It makes perfect sense!!

  5. wahoo!!! According to Israel Ortega, the avocado is the most perfect naturally occurring food! So that’s good.

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