Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | May 12, 2010

A quick trip to the STL

Russell and I took a quick (and by quick, I mean 24 hour!) trip to St. Louis this past weekend and we had a blast!

Russell’s buddy from college (Zane Train!) was getting ordained as a pastor into his church and Zane’s wonderful wife, Beth, arranged for us to surprise Zane and come to the service.  Zane is the Youth Pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church in St. Charles (just west of St. Louis) and it is such a beautiful church!

After the service, Russell and I headed downtown to the Crowne Plaza to celebrate our anniversary a month early.  After hearing so many people rave about Priceline, we decided to give it a try and happily found an exceptional deal at our hotel.  We arrived around 9pm and as we checked in, the front desk receptionist just happened to be in a “very generous mood”.  She upgraded our room to a suite, which we didn’t mind one bit!

Here’s the view from our hotel window…

We slept in on Sunday morning and then drove over to the Forest Park area where I had researched and found the cutest family-owned cafe that I wanted to try.  We arrived at 2Schae Cafe and I instantly fell in love!  I ordered french toast with fresh fruit and Russell ordered a lox bagel with cream cheese.  However, when the waiter brought our order out, he brought two orders of french toast and the bagel.  The owner just so happened to be standing at the table next to us and he joked with the waiter for a bit, “Oh no, you got the order wrong.  Guess you have to eat the french toast yourself now!”  After explaining the miscommunication, I told him about how we had found their cafe on the internet and were in town from KC.  After talking for several minutes, and realizing that we had already paid for our food (and the extra plate of french toast), he opened his wallet and handed us a $10 bill… “gas money back to KC”, as he put it!  What a guy!  We met his wife, put a thumbtack on KC on the giant map in the back of the cafe, signed the guest book, and assured him that we would be back to visit!

Good thing two of our favorite people are moving to STL this summer!!!!


We capped (no pun intended!) off our trip with a nice walk in Forest Park and then headed back home!



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