Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | June 3, 2010

Pregnancy Brain

Hi there, it’s Russell.  Eliza Joy is doing duties at IHOP this evening so I thought I would have a go at her blog.  Don’t worry, she’ll live.  Recently however, she has been living in a slightly different state – pregnancy, as many of you know.   Pregnancy obviously changes many things about a woman.  Most are natural and glorious.  For Eliza Joy, there is one that is particularly amusing: she is… ummm… not herself when it comes to her sharp intellect sometimes.  In the past few weeks she has said some pretty interesting things that made me laugh (and as per the last post, she did indeed amuse herself).  So here are a couple of the best:

– ” You drink more milk than a cow!!”

– “I knew my grandmother’s name, and she never even lived!”

More amusing comments to come.



  1. hahaha.
    I love it.
    Can you guys start posting some pregnancy pictures on here. I know its early. but I’m eager

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