Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | July 13, 2010


Lately, we’ve been….

Counting down the weeks until our baby girl (who is weighing in at a whopping 2 pounds this week) joins us by making her room nice and pretty….

(stay tuned for more on the “nesting” that is happening)

Anxiously awaiting the move of some of our best friends to KC (and their parents)…

Braving mid-west storms that knock the power out for far too long and cause major headaches for neighbors…

 Celebrating three incredible years of marriage…

And learning how to make old things beautiful again (aka my first reupholstering project)…


All in all, the summer is off to a great start!



  1. The chair is fabulous and I love the crib! Can’t wait to see more of the nest!

  2. woooooooooo hooooooooooo you’re BACK!!! heheh… and it’s AWESOME!! Cute picts- LOVE the crib and the chair… and well, am glad that tree wasn’t on your house!!!

  3. I have to get you some of my furniture to re-upholster? (sp?)

    The crib is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I can’t wait to come sleepover with Hannah.

  4. Mama Lauer would be so proud of the chair!!! I will have to send her a pic. Way to go, squirt.

  5. EJ just today we found about all the problems with your beautiful bay girl..we can see she really is a tough cookie!! We will be praying for her in our bible group. God Bless, Tio Jack and tia Tessie.

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