Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | September 16, 2010

I married up.

I remember the first Christmas that Russell and I were dating in Charlottesville.  I bought him a Gap sweater and a pair of argyle socks.  He surprised me with plane tickets to Kansas City for a conference.  Thus began my gift phobia when it came to birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays with my husband. 

This year was no different.  A few days prior to my big day, Russell asked if I could be home by 3pm on my birthday and if I could take the next morning off from work.  I gladly complied.  I love surprises and I love trips even more!!  That afternoon, as we were driving north of Kansas City past cornfields and rolling hills, I was reminded of Charlottesville!  Then, we pulled into the gates and saw this:


The Inn on Crescent Lake…  and I was in love.  That little gable on the top right corner of the house was ours for the night.  Take a look at this dreamy place:


After a little airplane tour of the property (just kidding- the picture is from the website), we discovered that there was an actual crescent-shaped moat around the house.  There was a great walking path as well as a couple of paddle-boats that we enjoyed (once I figured out how to adjust the straps to fit around my enormous tum-tum). 

This was the view from our window.

After dinner, we spent some time relaxing here.

And we enjoyed an incredible breakfast in my favorite room of the house:  the garden room! 

Of course, we did some of this…

And some of this… 

And a whole lot of this…

All in all- I had the best birthday ever… all because my wonderful husband found the highlight of the midwest. 

Well, that and because my sweet dad knows the way to a preggo’s heart….  chocolate covered fruit.  Yummmmmmmm.  Thanks, Dad!!



  1. you totally had me on the airplane trip…i was shocked that you didn’t talk about that when you told me everything else. LOOKS AWESOME!!! I soooo want to go. Maybe your hubs can talk to my hubs. heheh

  2. YOU are precious
    I loved this post and the pic of you sitting in the window with Hanna.
    love you.

  3. absolutely awesome – what a guy. Russell – great job!

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