Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | November 2, 2010

biopsy results

After hearing from the surgeon last night that we should expect the biopsy results between 1-3 days, we were very excited to see the surgeon walk into our room a little after noon.  She informed us that the biopsy had revealed ganglion cells and therefore, Hirschsprung’s has been ruled out.

At first, we were discouraged simply because we had assumed that a diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s would mean a routine surgery and then a release from the hospital.  However, after talking with the surgeon and nursing staff, we discovered that children diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s often have complications for the rest of their lives.  One nurse said that children with the disease are constantly being readmitted to the hospital.  In addition, surgery always involves risks and we are relieved to not have the added stress of having to prepare for that.

So, where does that leave us?  We were told that since Hirschsprung’s is ruled out, we will now need to consult with GI (gastrointestinal) specialists to talk through other options.  These specialists typically make their rounds in the evenings and so we’re hoping to talk with them tonight.  Currently, Hannah is still very clogged up and has not had a bowel movement since Sunday.  Therefore, she is still ordered to not receive anything by mouth.  Her tummy is visibly smaller and softer but the doctors will still need to figure out what is causing the blockage.  The surgeon said that although surgery cannot be definitively ruled out yet, she was hopeful that Hannah’s condition could be solved medicinally.

In the meantime, our baby girl has been sleeping peacefully all morning and we have taken turns napping and holding her.  We can’t wait for this to be finished and for us to be able to take her home.  There will be lots and lots and lots of cuddling when all of these wires and tubes are finally taken out!



  1. EJ and Russell and of course, sweet little Hannah. I’m glad to hear you all got a little rest today and particularly that Hannah was finally more comfortable. The medical staff will work through the possibilities and figure out what is going on. You have prayers coming from all over Virginia, in addition to all the people who love you everywhere else in the world. Stay strong.

  2. So love you guys..
    I know Jesus is faithfully carrying you through.
    I know Hanna is going to be fine not long from now!

  3. Thanks for the update. I’m coming up in the morning to see you & Hannah.

  4. I keep on praying for all three of you!! You are all in my heart and Holy Spirit keeps you on my mind.

  5. We’re glad for good news and pray that things get figured out really quickly! The tubes are sad, but they do sort of make the snuggles after sweeter! (Niam had them too.) Soon you’ll get to kiss on those sweet cheeks again without the tape and snuggle her without the tubes and wires, right!? =)
    Bless you guys!

  6. We are all so relieved to hear some good news. I know you must be thrilled to hold Hannah and nurse her. Your family sends lots of love for Hannah and her wonderful parents.
    Bonnie, Barry, Randy, Laurel, Wendy, Jeanene, and Sheri and their family members too.

    My entire school faculty and staff send you blessings. Hannah’s picture has been part of a long running powerpoint on the school’s monitor in the entrance hallway. The children all tell me how cute she is.

  7. I’m so glad she doesn’t have Hirschsprungs disease! I was reading about it online and they do a pull through surgery where they pull the intestines through and I did read that many people have problems for the rest of their lives. And it is quite an involved surgery too. Sounds so horrible for an infant! Some children have to take laxatives for the rest of their lives and often have pain. So sad! I’m so glad she doesn’t have that. Thank God she is able to nurse still! What a blessing! And gift! And thank God for those dirty diapers! We are praying! Love you

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