Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | November 3, 2010

“getting a lung workout”

The nurses changing the dressing on Hannah’s PICC line just looked at me and said, “We promise, we aren’t killing her.  But she sure is getting a lung workout!”

I smiled and nodded… but what I wanted to say was:  “Well, would you like it if people were holding you down to the bed and ripping the dressing off your arm when you hadn’t eaten for 6 days?”  Oh well, they meant well… and then they complimented her on her strong arms and legs.

Today is day 6 and Russell went back to work this morning, much to both of our sadness.  As he was walking out the door early this morning, he kissed me goodbye and said, “I wish I could just go be with Hannah all day”.  I wish he could be here, too.  Just his presence brings me so much strength and peace and he always finds a way to make me laugh when I need it most.

The GI doctors didn’t make it through last night but said that they will come by this morning.  Everything else is still the same…  The nurses assigned to Hannah today seem incredible and Hannah just produced a dirty diaper (the first since Sunday), which is encouraging!  I will post an update after I hear from the doctors.  In the meantime, I’m grateful for another day to hold my baby girl.



  1. Im so sorry to hear that you and your sweet baby have to go through this. I am praying for the 3 of you!

  2. Eliza-Joy, I’ve been reading your blog and praying!

  3. Complete healing and health! Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you three! If you need a meal or anything with the house let us know!

    The Hardy’s

  4. Yeah, poop! =) After we had left the hospital, we noticed a big strip of tape left on Niam’s tiny arm. That stuff really sticks and he cried every time we tried to pull it off, so we just left it on until his next check up, which was in a few days. The dr seemed irritated that we’d left it on for him, but it was easier to let him be the one to make our little man cry!

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